Indian sunrise waves at toaster master


As I was sad, I decided to dump my sadness in beer. I am not only a biker, I am also a toaster master. One of the bests. Holding a beer, seated on a bar, I can toast anyone for hours and hours without mercy. I have toasted waiters, customers and girls all over the world in all kind of bars.

If I start talking, I won’t stop till the beer chocks me down or the owner kills me. My victims barely can say something about their lives and they got really and deeply toasted about mine. Then, when they are like dirty cloths for laundry, I go to sleep walking doing zigzag.

Last night I explained to everybody how I haunt (or should I say "fish"?) in Mozambique crocodiles for an Spanish company which sells crocodile meat cans. That was the reason for my t-shirt. I assured as well that crocodile meat is like chicken one but much better. The only problem, by de way, is crocodiles are not like dogs, they are not friendly and if you feed them as friends they will eat your hand or something else. All the customers in the bar nod their heads and agreed that crocodiles are bad guys who do not feel love for friends like dogs do. “What do you want? I exclaimed, we do not eat fucking dogs!!

The best of sleeping is waking up at the following morning (otherwise you are dead), especially if you are lying beside the Indian Ocean in a tent. Then the sunrise waves you up as it is coming from the deepest blue. Is surprising to watch that prodigious which changes everyday. Sunrises and sunsets are best friends of a lonely motorcycle traveller.


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