Crossing the Bay to Maxixe


Sometimes I get bored of riding the road. How about a short boat trip? It couldn’t be that bad having a pleasant sea journey. The only problem is not forget behind a German Princess. But she is afraid of water so she never learnt how to swim.

So here we are, in Maxixe, a horrible town with a really nasty hotel.

Fortunately, I always keep my insecticide to kill the bugs who like to crawl around. Think twice when you say you are envious about my trips or I will send you some pictures of those awful neighbours.


Francois said...

That's just like the boat ride across the Mekong in Laos but without the sail. The bugs in Laos were pretty bad too, we are still haunted by one hotel where we couldn't get any sleep due to bed bugs and mosquitoes.
Pascal & Arja

Miquel Silvestre said...

But you were riding a bike much heavier!Yours is like my Little Fat. How did you manage to put on the boat? The Princess needed six men,but do not tell her she is fat or should get angry.

charlene said...

Good posts, interesting to see. Hope the princess won't need to learn to swim.

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