Ants, human beings, motorcycles, clouds and dreams


I am seated on the garden of the Stop Over Motel in Johannesburg and I see the ants crawling up and down like a disciplined army. But some seems to be lazy or full of uncertainty. Now and then you can see one of those little bugs going slower than the others, or changing suddenly its direction for no apparent reason. It’s supposed that are not rebel individuals among ants; but I see they are. I like them most than the others. Perhaps they also have dreams.

My friend Rydall is here. He has driven all the way from Port Elisabeth to Johannesburg to pick my bike. More than 1300 km without sleeping just because we are friends. He is a big boy who loves steaks and he is also a good father and a hard worker.

I saw his gun last night. It is a Spanish one, an Astra. He always carry it since he was 21. He has little, but he needs to protect it. “Few days ago someone stabbed 4 times my neighbour, the woman who lives on the farm at the other side of the road”, told me Rydall when we were having dinner. “What did they want?”, I asked. “Her cell phone”.

It’s time to say good bay to my Princess under the Johannesburg sky. Rydall put her in the van and left me alone. But I am not sad. She should not be either. Rebel ants, lazy human beings and motorcycles dreams are made of the same kind of clouds. I have a new plan and it will make her happy. I will tell you soon what it is.


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