Hard working day


Sometimes, riding a motorcycle is like working. You’d rather prefer doing something else but you have to keep on riding to arrive to the next destination. Then, riding is not too funny. Today it’s been one of these days. A hard working day trying to spend miles to reach Swaziland.

I left Harrysmith really early in the morning, about 7pm. It was cold, wet and windy. Soon, it started to rain. It is supposed we are in summer and my cloths are light. During weekend are too many cars on the road and they barely can see a motorcycle in the fog.

It was also a long distance trip to arrive to the border. More than 400 km on a boring dump roads. But the final part was funnier because I took the mud path. Something more interesting than asphalt.

The border was so easy to cross. No paperwork for the motorbike, just 50 rands for import tax, and very friendly civil servants. Swaziland is amazing, beautiful and green. Greener than Lesotho. But that is also the problem. Too many tourists in weekend. All the places I asked were full, or too expensive or too crappy. Finally I arrived Manzini and there was a music festival, so all the places were totally booked. At last, I found a strange place called Manzini Lodge, and got a room for a crazy price of 350 rands. But, Ok, we can have a good rest before heading Mozambique.


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