Riding the Real Mozambique

Since I Left Maputo, 500 km of pleasure have happened. This country is so beautiful and fanny too ride, but also deeply complex. The N1 road goes up North and one can find the most pure beaches and really friendly people. Small tourist resorts here and there can make you happy just lying on the sand and having cheap beer and seafood.

But one should never forget this country was in war just twenty years ago and it was completely destroyed. Now, Mozambique is growing up fast, about 10% by year, but the starting point was below zero. People over 40 lived the war and you can see in their faces some kind of sadness they will never loose.

Just few people make war. They are always the same everywhere, just the 10% of warriors who fuck the 90%. Normal people just want to live in peace, get a family and a job and some fun with friends. I can say now we are all the same. From Uzbekistan to San Francisco, we like to be free, love and be loved. I can see here the hope of living in peace.

But I can also see the corruption and the perfect dictatorship of one party. You know, here gas (or petrol) is cheap because the Government promised to keep the price low meanwhile they were competing to the polls. Now, after that decision, the public debt has highly increased but politicians got what they wanted. Frelimo (the party in the power since the independence) runs most of the districts and business go as usual.

But nothing of this ugly reality bother the white tourists who enjoy Tofo Beach snorkeling, dancing and drinking. Sometimes I wonder WTF I am doing just watching the game. I only can try to tell what I see and that is what I am doing now. Sorry for that and enjoy the wiew of Praia de Tofo.


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