There is not Tortilla Española for TFMs


Hopefully the rear shock will be rebuilt on Monday. As I have to stay in Cape Town till Tuesday I am wasting time eating and drinking. I am in Jerome´s house. Jerome is a South African biker I met by Horizons Unlimited. He invited me to a typical Afrikaan BBQ (Braai) and I wanted to offer his family something from Spain. But, you know, there is not “jamón ibérico” in South Africa. So, what can I do? We also have others treasures as our "Tortilla de Patatas" or Spanish Omelette, and our "Pan Tumaca" or tomato bread. So I went to the mall and bought all needed: eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, French baguette, and the most important thing: real olive oil from Spain!

I was a little bit afraid because the last Spanish Omelette I cooked died more than ten years ago and the bread was a little chewing gum. But the honour of my nation was involved and this is something important, not only because I did the military service with the parachutes (where they really kick my ass for one year) but because any Spanish guy can make complaints about the country IN the country, but not OUT the country. This is notorious especially when we are in trouble abroad, then even the most ubiquitous nationalist wants to be supported by the Spanish Government. In other words: they can hate Spain but like Spanish money to save their ass. Anyway, despite the Black Legend, Spaniards are a good people. We can steal gold and wind from America but we give olive gold to Africa. Is it not a good deal for the Humanity?

So I started cooking. I peeled the potatoes, fried them in olive oil to the required tender point, added them to the six eggs, mixed the whole stuff and poured into the hot fried pan. Meanwhile, I toasted the bread, and covered it with the tomatoes pulp, salt and olive oil. Even the most TFM could appreciate such kind of treasure, so imagine what a normal person with normal feelings and thoughts could feel eating the most simple gold on Earth. It could make scream even the owls!


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