Toy Run

Bad and good news. First the good ones: I am back to the road. I joined the Toy Run on my German Princess. The Toy Run is an special motorcycle event. Every year, bikers of South Africa meet and everyone brings a toy to give to the poorest children, thoose who have no toys at all. One could say that is nothing important to solve the real problems of poverty. Probably that´s right, but a child with a toy is a happy child. There is nothing wrong in collect gifts from bikers.

So I put my boots on, tie them tight, squeezed my teeth and turned on the engine. So, here I was, riding again. What a happyness. I am a biker on a bike. I am in the right place. Having cold wind.

Later, Rydall´s and family joined another BBQ (Braai) with their friends. Good people who work hard. No rich white people expoiling black poor guys; instead of it, citizens who can´t expect protection from the high wawe of crime which is burning South Africa.

Bad news: I have to say good bye to my new friends. But this is the traveller life. Is the way it is.

Keep safe.


Andrew said...

We are glad to see you again on your German Princess on the road!

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