Back to the old love


I am an addict. I have to confess I am a fucking travelcoholic. But only on a motorcycle and by my own. Just alone in the wilderness I feel myself Ok. Behind the handle bar I can forget the stupid pace of western World and the politicians and the economical crisis and the complaints of ex girlfriends, ex ex girlfriends and ex ex ex girlfriends and all the TFMs. But if you offer to me joining a luxury cruise among the Caribbean Islands or flying to China to eat sour dogs and sweet rats in the best hotel of Shangai, I will say: no thanks, I d rather seat on my couch, watch TV, drinking beer and acting like Homer Simpson. I hate planes, buses, boats and crowed places. I am not a World Citizen nor a modern flight miles traveller. I am a biker. So here I am again, in Cape Town, trying to run away and going North. My goal is reaching Nairobi, where I started 8 months ago my first African Trip.

Why I am here? Have you ever felt the calling from an old love? I mean, you do not know how but someday you are at home, doing your stuff as usual, but suddenly you remember deeply someone you loved time ago. Is something strange, because you have your life already fixed, you have another partner and even you can enjoy children, a home and a mortgage. You can say you are happy. Or it supposed you are happy with all your toys. But, God only knows, you start to feel nostalgic about someone from the past and you can see yourself starting to think about what could have happened to her or him, how could be his or her life now and, over all, if that person still thinks about you in the same way you are thinking in that moment.

You should know what I mean. Ok, that is what happened to me few weeks ago. I was riding my Little Fat and then I wondered what about my German Princess I left behind kept in Cape Town? Is she happy? Does she remember me? Does she miss me? Does she like another biker? Oh, I was able to remember her perfectly or even better because memories make the past more beautiful that it really was. I started to crave the feeling of adventure and riding her in the African wilderness. I have one month free and I decided trying our love work again. So here I am, enjoying Cape Town riding the German Princess meanwhile we prepare the departure. But, you know, facts are not as perfect as memories, and normally, when you face the old love, you can see that her or him is not as beautiful and nice as you remember. When I opened the garage I found the rear shock is totally gone. Before leaving I have to rebuild it. Better notice now than in the mi middle of nowhere.

I will keep you updated.


james mannell said...

Hi Miquel,

james here, of bicycle in Israel, was really good to hear that you are off once again - seems kind of inevitable now i think about it!

will be eargerly watching for blog updates.

Lord be with you,


Anonymous said...

Your princess looks beautiful, enjoy the ride. Dave Clarke.

Anonymous said...

I love african butts.

Anonymous said...

TFMs are everywhere, keep moving and enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

Hola Miquel, aqui Carlos de BDO. You´re a machine

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