Good pain relief pills

Things are going better day by day. This is me, very unhappy, when I arrived Port Elisabeth five hours after the accident. It was about 9:30 pm and my wounds hadn´t been cleaned yet. The ankle was really hurting me and by then was gone all the adrenaline I fled into my blood to make me walk and fight. But I had to be awake few hours more meanwhile the hospital crew treated my injuries.

These guys are my new friends Rydall and Alan. Rydall is the angel who picked me up from the road to Port Elisabeth Hospital. And Alan has already fixed the German Princess, so she looks much better than me.She is beautiful now and has some guys who want to be her boyfriends.

This is the fantastic dog Alan has at home. He can not be in a better place, playing among motorcycles and bikers. Look at the floor, one could eat there. What a wonderful workshop.

And this happy man is me buying pain relief pills in a pharmacy. My foot is in such kind of galactic boot and I can also walk with cratches. Do not worry about me. In a short time I am gonna be back to the war.

Be well


charlene said...

Two six packs beer - just what the doctor ordered?

Miquel Silvestre said...

And a bottle of wine!

Anonymous said...

when you cannot avoid an obstacle it is good to know how to bounce!
glad you are on the mend.
ride well my friend
Brad Z. (one of two ugly guys in Arizona)

Anonymous said...


Ride an owl the wrong way and she will throw you.

I hope you are better now and stealing wind single handedly.

You are a one armed bandit.

Hope you get back on the fat soon.

All the best

TFM Chris

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